the Underground Foundation (TUF) is a small group of massage therapists who have an affinity for doing good in the massage therapy community.

TUF logo w/ backgroundFounded by Nathan Nordstrom of Educated Touch, TUF debuted at the 2010 AMTA National Convention in Minneapolis, MN, with 2 events that were created to raise donations to be collectively presented to the Massage Therapy Foundation.

Designed to augment the educational and networking components of the convention, TUF’s first night of fund-raising garnered $400:

  • Poker Tournament – Buy Ins for $20 donations and Re-Buys for another $20 donation kept about 8 players in “fun” while supporting the efforts of the MTF.  in Texas Hold’em style, Dan Barrow (NM) claimed the tournament trophy and garnered the title of Champion for 1 year.
  • Silent Auction – convention Exhibit Hall Vendors were invited to contribute to an auction where anyone could bid on a collected group of premiums.

In 2011, at the AMTA National Convention in Portland, OR, TUF facilitated the Poker Tournament and Silent Auction…. and added another fundraising event:

  • Voodoo Doughnut Run – cash donations and a pool of about 8 massage therapists walked to the local Voodoo Doughnut shop to partake of unique donut creations like the Dirt, Voodoo Doll, and Raspberry Romeo – a variety was packed up in a genuine pine coffin and brought back to the Opening Ceremony’s attendees to be shared.

With 3 TUF events at the 2011 appearance and raising about $600, TUF is ready for the 2012 challenge: to double the donations received and presented to the Massage Therapy Foundation.

In 2012, TUF facilitated two events to raise awareness and funds for its patron non-profit organization: the Massage Therapy Foundation.  With a successful Poker Tournament (including a new (tradition?) of the classic card game War) and Silent Auction, Donors raised more than $1,200 during this event held the evening of October 5th at the AMTA National Convention in Raleigh, North Carolina.

2013 holds more opportunities for convention, conference, and meeting event-goers to again: have some fun while donating to a professional cause that TUF supports whole-heartedly and with great vigor – let us know your interest in, again, making TUF-organized events a stop in your dedication to the massage therapy profession: support massage therapy research!

TUF is a collaborative, not-for-profit effort – no Members, no Executives! TUF is based on the premise: benefiting massage therapy research.  Putting FUN in FUNd-raising, TUF is committed to engaging its Donors in an excellent experience while supporting massage research efficacy.

The Underground Foundation is presented by Educated Touch and is presented as a charitable branch of the business for the advancement of massage therapy research.  THANKS to the Sponsors of the Underground Foundation’s past events, including:

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